Old South Suburban

Thomas Creek, Holcomb Ranch, and Huffaker areas comprise gentile ranches and pastures with a wide range in price for single family homes. The neighborhoods line winding roads through picturesque pastureland with views of the Sierra, ranging in elevation from 4,500-5,000'. Reno boasts over 250 sunny days a year and this elevation gets cold enough for accumulating snow events in big Sierra storms. The Old South Suburban area lies to the west of South Virginia, about 5 miles from Sierra Summit with world class shopping, dining, movie cinemas and seasonal farmers market Tuesdays and Saturdays, 15 miles from Mt. Rose Ski Area, 25 miles from North Lake Tahoe and 10 miles from the Reno-Tahoe Airport. Top ranking public schools Lenz Elementary School and Galena High School, along with private schools including Sage Ridge School serving 5th-12th grades, Bishop Manogue High School, Our Lady of the Snows, Brookfield School and Mountain View Montessori School serving preK-8th grade.

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